Started by a small cohort of female metal workers, the FEmale Foundry is a growing organization focused on supporting emerging and established artists located in Arkansas and the surrounding areas that are interested in working in industrial mediums (that could mean welding, brazing, or casting). There is presently no public fine art foundry in the state of Arkansas. The FEmale Foundry is determined to change that.

For years metal work has been dominated by men. But in recent years it has become easier for more women have the opportunity to learn metal techniques that didn't fit the cookie cutter mold of what a woman artist is suppose to be. The FEmale Foundry also functions as an engine to continue this movement in the art world by providing opportunities such as internships and scholarships focusing on female empowerment. 


"I came up with this idea of a feminist focused foundry located in Arkansas after I saw many of my friends enter the "real world" as artists following graduation from UCA's sculpture program. I saw their struggles and frustrations of not being taken seriously as a female metal worker and experienced some frustrations of my own with the limited resources for iron casters in the state of Arkansas. 

The FEmale Foundry has two goals in mind. The first is to provide resources for local sculptors in the state of Arkansas. The second is to create various teaching and learning opportunities for female metal artists around the nation. This is by no means a  "girls only" club. This is an organization started by a group of women that want to empower all artists that need help pursuing an art career in metal.

 This is a project that I wished was in existence for myself as a young female sculptor from Arkansas. Instead of waiting for someone else to start it, I'm working alongside a community of female sculptors with the passion for metal work to make this foundry a reality for young emerging metal artists."

Sylvia Hardin, President

Sylvia Hardin, President



870-761-0898 (Sylvia Hardin)


Currently the foundry is a collective of artists spread out across the nation. We will have an official location soon